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About Osteotec

Formed in 1993, Osteotec is a specialised supplier of niche orthopaedic products to both the NHS and private healthcare sectors, and we are proud to be on the national framework agreement for orthopaedic joint replacement products.

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Osteotec Information & Resources

In today's Healthcare environment product performance data and Quality and Regulatory compliance is paramount. Visitors to our website range from surgeons to theatre staff and procurement specialists to patients. At Osteotec we understand that there is a clear need for reassurance and easy access to information about the company and its products.


Osteotec Policies & Procedures

Osteotec has written policies and procedures to assure compliance with the applicable laws, regulations and standards governing the development, marketing and promotion of our products.

We are committed to providing a high quality service which satisfies all customer requirements.

Osteotec is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 accredited.

This section of the website allows access to data relating to using our products and QA and RA information eg. Certificates, CE Marks, IFUs, Product Information, etc

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