FzioMed Dynavisc® Adhesion Barrier Gel

•   Reduces fibrosis & adhesions
•   Clinically proven
•   Bioabsorbable
•   Easy to apply

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Product Description

Dynavisc® has been developed to act as an anti-adhesion barrier for hand surgery. Postoperative adhesions are a major
problem in surgery as they restrict function and movement and cause pain. Dynavisc® is used to prevent the formation of
soft tissue adhesions both prophylactically and after revision surgery, e.g. in tenolysis and neurolysis cases.

Adhesions generally form within the first 14 days following surgery and Dynavisc® has been designed to be slow resorbing
for maximum effectiveness by combining two biocompatible medical polymers; Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and
polyethylene oxide (PEO) create a product that addresses both adhesion formation and pain – CMC provides the physical
bulk to keep surfaces apart and PEO is able to reduce the concentration of neurotoxins leading to pain relief.

Dynavisc ® is supplied in a 1ml syringe with a kinkless delivery tube enabling the surgeon to get right to the ‘spot’ – it can
even be delivered right inside the sheath for flexor tendon applications.

• CMC keeps the tissues apart preventing fibrous adhesion formation
• PEO absorbs the naturally occurring neurotoxins, resulting in pain reduction
• Resorption time 4-5 weeks; longer than the time needed for adhesions to form
• Less potential in amatory response than competitive products
• Efficient healing
• Easy to apply
• Safe