TriMed™ Ankle Fixation System

  • Sidewinder

  • Medial Malleolar

  • Hook Plate

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Product Description


The Sidewinder combines fixation properties of a lag screw, antiglide plating and biplanar fixation.

  • Dual antiglide plate
  • 90°/ 90°/ 90° Fixation
  • Precise control of lag affect with compression tabs
  • HEX Cortical Screws – 3.2mm HEX Head
  • Cancellous Screws – 3.8mm HEX Head
  • Hex Cortical Screws – 4.0mm HEX Head

Trimed Sidewinder Surgical Technique


Medial Malleolar

  • SledSolid Fixation for Medial Malleolar Fractures
  • The sled is a new concept in orthopaedic fixation that is more than a one-piece tension band
  • Control rotation and distraction forces
  • Simultaneous intra and extra osseous fixation
  • Compression intrinsic to the device

Trimed Medial Malleolar Sled Surgical Technique


Hook Plate

  • Hooks penetrate and lock into bone to control rotation and translation of distal fragments
  • Various plate lengths address multiple fractures
  • Ideal purchase for small distal fragments
  • Unique instrumentation for in situ compression

Trimed Ankle Hook Plate Surgical Technique