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Formed in 1993, Osteotec is a specialised supplier of extremity orthopaedic products offering Clinicians complete and comprehensive solutions in both the NHS and private healthcare sectors.

UK Extremity Specialists

We are extremely pleased to be part of the NHS national framework agreement for orthopaedic joint replacement products.

Our main areas of expertise are in upper and lower limb extremity surgeries where we provide a range of products that cover trauma of the hand and foot right through to total joint replacement. Outside upper and lower limb we also supply cranio-maxillo facial implants for trauma and reconstructive procedures. In addition to implantable devices we also have a portfolio of orthopaedic instruments which range from simple K-wires to external fixation systems and power tools.

Osteotec Implants and Instruments

To complement our range of exclusively distributed products, Osteotec has an active R&D department which has, in conjunction with the NHS and private healthcare sectors and research institutes, developed innovative implants and instruments into commercially available products.

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Exclusive Distribution

We are also exclusive distribution partners in the UK for range of complimentary products in our portfolio. These include:

Upper Limb Extremity Fixation

Complete upper limb extremity fixation solution offering comprehensive solutions for elective and trauma indications in the elbow wrist and hand.

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Nerve Repair

An innovative and unique bioresorbable and biocompatible synthetic polymer to facilitate tissue repair and regeneration after surgery.

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Upper Limb Extremity

This complimentary portfolio of unique hand solutions are well placed to complete the extensive upper limb portfolio of Osteotec products.

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