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ConMed MicroLink™ All-Suture Button

World’s First All Suture Button

Product Description

The MicroLink™ All-Suture Button combines a soft, all-suture construct with an efficient, reproducible technique for CMC suspensionplasty. The MicroLink System is comprised of accessories for precise tunnel drilling, efficient suture passing, and streamlining Trapeziectomies.

Soft, All-Suture Construct
→ Conforms to native bone curvature for a stable, strong repair.1
→ Low profile design may minimize post-operative irritation.

Simplification in Every Step
→ MicroLink System contains accessory products to simplify and assist with Trapeziectomy and CMC Suspensionplasty.
→ Trapezium Pin is compatible with power for easy insertion and features a laser line for indicating accurate drill depth into trapezium.
→ McGlamry Elevator has beveled edges that allows for easy removal of soft tissue connected to trapezium bone.
→ Suture Passing Drill is designed with a coined tip to combine tunnel drilling and suture passing into one efficient step with minimal bone removal.
→ CMC Drill Guide assists with precise tunnel drilling while providing visualization externally and fluoroscopically.

1Data on File- TR- PDD1181792

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