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ConMed TruShot® with Y-Knot®

All-In-One Soft Tissue Fixation System for Small Joint

Product Description

Specifically designed for small joint procedures, CONMED’s TruShot all-in-one deployment technology is redefining efficiency & accuracy in the OR.

→ All-In-One Delivery Eliminates Unnecessary Steps & Extra Time
→ Drill guide, drill bit and anchor are combined into easy-to-use delivery system
→ Reduces the risk of misalignment during drilling and anchor insertion
→ Shallow Anchor Deployment Technology
→ The configuration of the Y-Knot Shallow anchor requires only 10mm of tunnel depth
→ Unique deployment mechanism deploys the anchor at the bottom of the tunnel to ensure secure fixation
→ Allows anchor placement in areas of limited bone depth
→ Developed for Small Joint Procedures with Leading Orthopedic Surgeons

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