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Gorilla® Calcaneal Fracture Plating System


Product Description

Sinus Tarsi Plate and Sinus Tarsi Support Plate - minimally invasive, low profile, fragment specific, plate contoured to capture highest quality bone, titanium (Ti6Al4V-ELI) for increased strength.

Sinus Tarsi Support Plate Features - extended posterior holes allow for additional fixation in the posterior tuberosity, posterior angle of the plate is perpendicular to the subtalar joint and intended to maintain calcaneal length during healing.

Perimeter Plate - low profile, lateral extensile approach allows for increased visibility of fractures and soft tissue bundles, up to 15 holes with off-axis locking capability allow surgeon flexibility in placement of screws to target around comminuted bone, material selection of CP Grade 4 Titanium and open plate design allow for a more malleable plate.

Product Information
  • Manufactured in the USA

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