Paragon 28


Complete lower limb extremity fixation solution offering comprehensive solutions for elective and trauma indications in the foot and ankle.

Baby Gorilla®
Plating System


Gorilla® Plating


Mini-Monster™ Screw System


The Joust™ Beaming Screw System

The Joust™ Beaming Screw System


Phantom® Lapidus Intramedullary Nail


Grappler™ Interference Screw System


HammerTube™ Hammertoe System


JAWS™ Nitinol Staple System

JAWS™ Nitinol Staple System


Lapidus Cut Guide System


PRECISION® Jones Fracture Screw System


PROMO™ Triplanar Hallux Valgus Correction System


R3LEASE™ Stabilization System


Silverback™ Ankle Fusion Plating System


TenoTac™ Soft Tissue Fixation System


Bone Marrow
Aspirate Kit


Bone Graft
Harvest System


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