TriMed™ Ankle Fixation System

TriMed™ Ankle Fixation System

Product Description

The wrist fusion pin eliminates pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis and corrects instability of the wrist. The pin is intended to stop extension, flexion and deviation of the wrist but will not prevent rotation of the forearm.

→ Only small insertion over the middle knuckle is required

→ Minimal scaring

Sales Sheet Surgical Technique


The Sidewinder combines fixation properties of a lag screw, antiglide plating and biplanar fixation.

→ Dual antiglide plate

→ 90°/ 90°/ 90° Fixation

→ Precise control of lag affect with compression tabs

→ HEX Cortical Screws – 3.2mm HEX Head

→ Cancellous Screws – 3.8mm HEX Head

→ Hex Cortical Screws – 4.0mm HEX Head

Trimed Sidewinder Surgical Technique

Medial Malleolar

→ SledSolid Fixation for Medial Malleolar Fractures

→ The sled is a new concept in orthopaedic fixation that is more than a one-piece tension band

→ Control rotation and distraction forces

→ Simultaneous intra and extra osseous fixation

→ Compression intrinsic to the device

Trimed Medial Malleolar Sled Surgical Technique

Hook Plate

→ Hooks penetrate and lock into bone to control rotation and translation of distal fragments

→ Various plate lengths address multiple fractures

→ Ideal purchase for small distal fragments

→ Unique instrumentation for in situ compression

Trimed Ankle Hook Plate Surgical Technique

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